Hafdís Helgadóttir
myndlistarmaður / artist


Hafdís Helgadóttir
hafdishelga21 at gmail.com

Born in Patreksfjörður in the beautiful western fjords in Iceland. Lives and works in Reykjavík. Graduated in painting from The Icelandic College of Art and Crafts. Graduated with a Masters degree from the Department of Time and Space (Tila Aika) at The Academy of Fine Art / Kuvataideakatemia in Helsinki, Finland 1996. Has worked in different mediums, video, drawing, photography, installation and painting and has exhibited works in Iceland at The National Gallery of Iceland, Living Art Museum, Nordic house, Listasafn Árnesinga/art museum (Selfoss), National- and University Library a.o. and abroad in Finland, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Germany, Morocco. Has worked and stayed in art residencies in Morocco, the Aaland Islands, Gothenburg and Berlin.

The focus in my work the last years has been colour, with on-site studies of colour harmony in natural surroundings in a landscape as it appears at a certain time in the day, season and weather, this gradually led to paintings. Studying the colours in sketches as they appear through their interaction and the given light and atmosphere each time, a palette is made for a composition of a painting. A photograph taken on the site provides a reference to the place and time.
In the process of working in the studio a development of other directly related works started to be created resulting in “work series” each consisting of some or all of the followng; a bookwork, multiple, photograph, sketch and painting. The series have elements for uncovering the art working process at least up to a point. 

Meet Hafdis Helgadottir, Convergence 2017 artist in residence from Iceland, at Green Olive Arts residency in Tetouan, Morocco.